Proper Github Workflow

Fork the Repo (original repo) you want to work on to your Github account repo

Press the Fork button (which is on

Explanation: It creates a copy of the Repo to your account.

Clone the Repo on your Github account to local

git clone
git remote add upstream

Create Feature Branch

git checkout -b branch-name

(example: git checkout -b pull-cheatsheet)

(The git checkout -b command automatically switches to the branch)

Check that you are on the correct branch. Make sure there is an asterik next to the branch name.

git branch

Make Your Changes/Fixes/Features and commit it to origin (the repo on your github account)

git add .
git commit -m "write what changes you made"
git push origin pull-cheatsheet

Send a Pull Request - from origin to upstream (your account repo to the original repo)

Click Compare & pull request or the Green button on your Github repository