Week 10 Day 48


Jen's Friday

I researched and reviewed the workshops and presentations for the conference I am attending next week, Rock Mountain Ruby in Boulder, Colorado. This conference wasn't on the RGSOC list but I found it and noticed that they were offering a scholarship for a free ticket and a guide for the conference. I applied and I won it!

There are going to be around eight speakers a day and there workshops on the first day. I am very excited to take the workshop on Git and Github. and the Arduino workshop. I am also very excited to see one of the people who has been helping us this summer, Andy Delcambre, speak about Ruby Systems and Katrina Owens speak on refactoring.

This is the first Rubycentric conference I will have attended. I hope to learn a lot, meet some more fellow Rubyists and get inspired to keep on coding long past the RGSOC.

I also worked on getting caught up with my blogging.

Joyce's Friday

I fixed the last bit of the bundle update rspec test that I missed, squashed down all the commits, and rewrote the commits using git rebase -i.

The submitted PR to show the previous version of the gem had some discussion comments. I learned what “promote that check to block level” means. I changed this bit from:

old_version = " was (#{locked_spec_version})"
message << old_version if locked_spec_version && spec.version != locked_spec_version

to this:

if locked_spec_version && spec.version != locked_spec_version
  message << " (was #{locked_spec_version})"

During the discussion they threw out some ideas on how to format the message. I changed to what was suggested and changed the rspec for that to match.