Week 8 Day 38

Gem Features

Jen's Friday

I worked on finalizing all my pull requests. Almost all of them were merged including the invalid gemname issue on the actual bundler site. WOOOO!

Joyce's Friday

Installed ctags to make it easier to navigate/jump between code in a text editor.

Installed the debugger gem, required it in our file, lib/source/rubygems.rb, and added the word debugger on the line where you want to check out what the code is doing. It is similar to irb. We added it in line 71 of lib/bundler/source/rubygems.rb

We looked at where the old version of the gem should be added. For example, the was (2.3.5) part of the message should go in the “Using” and the “Installing” messages.

locked_spec - references the gemfile gems with the gem in the lockfile.

locked_spec_version - stores the gem version from the gemfile.lock if the locked_spec matches

Stored the original message, “Using #{spec.name} (#{spec.version})”, in the variable using_message.

We only want to add the old version if the version of the gem is not the same as the one in the gemfile.lock (lockfile)

So, we append the old_version to our “Using” and “Installing” message if that is true.

Had to remove the debugger from our file so Rspec at least runs.

Adding our code, broke the spec/install/gemspec_spec.rb and spec/update/gems_spec.rb Rspec tests because it can’t find a lockfile?