Week 10 Day 47

begin end bundle update

Joyce's Thurday

Worked on editing our post for the main RGSoC blog.

I received word to tweak what the message displays when someone runs bundle update and then to squash my commits and send the PR to the 2-0-dev branch. However, before that, I realized the message should also let the user know how to update a specific gem like bundle update . Although, I was suppose to submit my PR...the Travis CI build test didn’t pass. I went and fixed all the bundle update failures in the spec directory, made commits as I went along.

Jen's Thursday

I added GistBox to organize my gists. Now I can sort through my gists so much easier. I had created so many that they were getting unwieldy.

I was working looking at some code in bundler and I noticed a lot of blocks that started with begin and ended with end. They all had several exceptions in them. I researched that and read about it for a while. begin end

Tonight the meetup group I organize met for the monthly meetup. The theme of the night was "How to Build a Programmer from Scratch." It was a really inspiring evening. Almost the entire summer class from General Assembly attended to watch their class mates do their first public presentation. Machiko Yasuda, Theresa Luu, Emilia Kubo Kirschenbaum & Shana Weitzen all talked about the projects they did in GA and about studying together. They also talked about having algorithm parties, the importance of pairing, talking out your problems and marking your progress with a blog. Giles Bowkett talked about learning Lisp as a way to get a good basis for computer knowledge that isn't going to change. He laid out a path to learning Ruby and Rails.

  • Unit test the Standard Library
  • Write code EVERY day
  • Build something new every week
  • Watch tons of screencasts