Week 8 Day 37

Silverlake Library & Syrup

Knowledge Exchange

We met up at the Silverlake Library. We showed each other what we have been working on. Joyce showed the ronn files and the rake files that made the man pages. Jen showed the invalid gem issue she had been working on. We looked at the cli.rb file together.

We worked on our own issues and gave each other suggestions.

Joyce continued working on the Rspec test with a revised version that Andre gave, but it still doesn’t work. Worked on using the locked_gems method in lib/bundler.rb to find and display the old version from the lockfile. Navigated through the forest of files in the directory to see where the methods of locked_gems went.

We headed over to Syrup for the meetup but due to the summer's heat only one other showed up to join us. We did however get some work done.