Week 8 Day 36

Thinking through Wednesday

Jen's Wednesday

Met with Jessica at Pivotal Labs. We checked out the issue I am working on about returning a message when the gem name is invalid. We wrote a test for it and realized that my rspec wasn't working with the bundler files. Jessica, then Steve, then Lars tried a bunch of different things to make it work. In the end the only solution was to re-install my computer.

When my computer was re-installed my test passed.

When I was using Middleman earlier I was working in a branch. I signed back into it and I got this message:

$ git checkout invalid_gemname
  M Rakefile
  M bin/bundle_ruby
  M lib/bundler/templates/Executable
  M spec/bundler/dsl_spec.rb
  Switched to branch 'invalid_gemname'

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4949652/git-checkout-what-does-this-weird-output-mean (I figured that it was something like this but this is much clearer than what i was thinking.)

That's the output of git status; git is showing you that after checking out master there are still uncommited changes to your working copy (one modified file and one deleted file).

Check man git-status:

M = modified
A = added
D = deleted
R = renamed
C = copied
U = updated but unmerged

Joyce's Wednesday

Worked on displaying the old version of the gem when bundle update gets run. The initial code added and tested with dbundle update works to display the old version of the gem. But even if the gem did not update to a newer version, it displays the same version as the old version.

Working on getting the rspec to pass. It isn’t working. There might be a bug?