Week 8 Day 35

We Have Issues

Joyce's Tuesday

Learned to set the path to blank for rspec test, that way it can’t find git. Before, I manually “removed” git to get the test to pass.

Wrote the rspec test based on spec/update/ directory and separated into 3 files based on if the gem source is from rubygems, git, or path. I haven’t gotten the rspec to pass yet though.

Andre gave the method to display the old gem version, which I added in to the lib/bundler/source/rubygems.rb.

Jen's Tuesday

It seemed like a Monday because of the Labor holiday. I re-did all my pull requests from scratch so they would contain only the changes I made with the changes from the pull upstream master. I was getting confused that the FAQ page kept coming back into the branches that I was working on. I thought that maybe I had made the other branches from the FAQ branch.

This is what was actually happening: even though it has not been published the FAQ page has been merged into the master repo so when I did a git pull -i upstream master the FAQ page is included into my files and that it supposed to be happening and it is not supposed to be deleted.

After fixing all the PRs I started another issue in the bundler-feature area. #6