Week 7 Day 33

Thursday, August 29 2013

Rebasing & Windows Issues

Joyce's Thursday

After seeing that my test fails and passes from yesterday, I changed the include string to what the better error message could be.

describe "without git installed" do
it "prints a better error message" do

install_gemfile <<-G
  git "#{lib_path('foo-1.0')}", :branch => "omg" do
    gem 'foo'

bundle "update"
expect(out).to include("Git is not installed!")   end end

Read some more and got the message to print when bundle update was ran without git installed.

raise GitError, "Git is not installed!" if !Bundler.which("git")

This issue was particularly for Windows when the user tries to bundle install. I had moved to an old Mac to make learning web development easier. Now back to Windows. I then setup my Windows and tested it on my Windows.

Jen's Thursday

I spent the day going through the messages on all the PR I have out. Fixing, squashing, rebasing.

I spent a lot of time reading about and changing the sass files. I was trying to get the footer to do something particular. It didn't work quite right but I think it still looks good. At least now I know more about sass. It does look a lot cleaner than css. I added a lower nav bar that I hope gets approved.

I showed the people at the Meetup group how to squash commits. We researched rebasing vs. merging. This is the answer I found on Stack Overflow by Rob Di Marco

Short Version

  • Merge takes all the changes in one branch and merge them into another branch in one commit.
  • Rebase says I want the point at which I branched to move to a new starting point So when do you use either one?


  • Let's say you have created a branch for the purpose of developing a single feature. When you want to bring those changes back to master, you probably want merge (you don't care about maintaining all of the interim commits).


  • A second scenario would be if you started doing some development and then another developer made an unrelated change. You probably want to pull and then rebase to base your changes from the current version from the repo.