Week 7 Day 30

Not Rationale Bug n' Rake

Jen's Monday

I broke up parts of the rationale page and combined them into other pages instead of adding them on the get started page

per Andre's requests: Grouping - The section about "groups" should be merged with the page that is linked as "Grouping" in the sidebar.

Set Up - The section about "set up your application to use bundler" should be merged with the Bundler.setup page.

Sharing - The "check your code into version control" and "share your application with other developers" should be put into a new page named "Sharing" and linked in the sidebar Usage section.

Updating Gem - The "updating a dependency" and "updating a gem without modifying the gemfile" sections should be put into a new page named "Updating gems" and linked in the sidebar in the Usage section.

Deploying - The "deploying your application" section should be merged with the existing "deploying" page that is linked in the sidebar.

Joyce's Monday

The Report a bug page is generated from the issues.md file placed in the source directory. The bug is the markdown file does not render to html correctly. The number 4 shows up to the right of the Bundler logo and makes the logo link not clickable. This is weird. We spent time trying to fix the 4. Andre realized that 4 is the id of nil and then found that the markdown file can’t render link_to with blocks. He fixed it in the layout.haml. Now I don’t need to put the issues.md in a partial to have the page render correctly.

The :issues task was included before the :build task that way it gets a copy of the latest issues.md file before deploying. Also, the source/issues.md was added to .gitignore so that the build artifacts from the bundler repo is not in the bundler-site repo.

The report a bug page generated from the ISSUES.md of the bundler repo was squashed and submitted the PR to bundler repo.

Started reading about some more git commands: git clean, git reset