Week 6 Day 28

Improving Doc & Gem Presentation

Jen's Thursday

Eastside/Westside Monthly Bash August

I read about Rspec and watched some of the Rspec Peepcode video but mostly I spent my day refining my code and slides for my presentation at the Monthly L.A. Eastside/Westside Ruby Meetup. Our group is a combination of General Assembly students, Rails Girls Summer of Code teams, CS students and their friends. Most of the people attended either a Railsbridge or a Rails Girls event as their launching point into Ruby. This evening's talks were about gems and gem structure.

Hands-on Presentation - Creating a Gem

Ross, from Pivitol, gave a talk about Pivotal Labs and how they work pair programming. The first gem talk by Anna Mendoza explained the structure of gems and how to find good ones to use. My hands-on workshop presentation was based on the gem Joyce and I created several weeks ago. I got all 25 people in the room to create the gem, add Thor and test it successfully. The most satisfying part was going around to each person and helping them to get their gem to work. We have a very well written tutorial now. I might make some more improvements to it for ultra-clarity but everyone tonight followed along very well.

Joyce's Thursday

Made mini minor changes to the PRs I have open. The two PRs are to make the sidebar button when viewed in Firefox look the same as in Chrome and adding bundle help to command line reference page and also its own page. Then, submitted the bundler help commands PR to bundler-site repo. The bundler help PR was merged in! yay!

Finished watching tutorial on Chrome Dev tools

Made a “reporting a bug” page from ISSUES.md in the master branch of bundler repo based on the understanding of Rake learned few days ago.