Week 6 Day 27


Joyce's Wednesday

The What’s New in each Release header links was merged to the bundler repo. Yay!

Received suggestions on how to improve the link for the bundle help page. Made changes so that all of the text link was in the green button.

While I was previewing the above, I noticed the "View All Commands" button in the sidebar did not have left or right padding when viewed in Firefox. :( Chrome and Firefox doesn’t really display the same things. I added padding to at least even out the button. Then, wanted to center the Firefox button. That’s when I realized Firefox doesn’t automatically add the width size while Chrome does! I only had to add a width size and they both look the same now. No padding was necessary.

Read about writing better git commits

Two Key Points:

  • write in present tense and as a command
  • explain what the code change does and why the change is necessary

Finished watching last bit of Rspec video

Started watching tutorial on Chrome Dev tools.

Jen's Wednesday

Watched the Peepcode video about Rspec and worked on the Get Started and FAQ pages of the Bundler site. There are problems viewing the pull requests because the text isn't wrapping.

Worked on my slides and code for my presentation a bit.