Week 6 Day 26


Jen's Tuesday

Still working on the finer details of the new Get Started Pages and the new FAQ page.

We switched our files from the bundler-site repo to the RGSoCBundler/bundler-site so all of our pull requests and commits don't alert the entire Bundler community. I had a hard time figuring out pushing to the new location. Finally I realized that I had to make sure to change the base fork to RGSoCBundler/bundler-site master which is reached by pressing the edit button on the right after pressing the pull request button.

I started working on my presentation of creating a gem. Andre went over my lorem ipsum generator gem to make sure everything was in order. He had a few changes so he sent me a pull request. I was cool looking a a pull request. Now I understand what Andre and Jessica have been looking at and why certain PRs are harder to read than others. Basically you want to make similar changes and send the requests more often so they are easy to read.

Joyce's Tuesday

Today we changed our github workflow to make PRs and create issues on our RGSoCBundler repo first. That way we can make as many issues, comments, commits to our hearts content without disturbing the peace and setting off a bunch of notifications on the Bundler repo. Then, once everything looks good, we git squash our commits. Finally, submit the complete change to the bundler repo.

Ruby convention uses underscores for filenames that are more than one word long. Changed my partials filename to underscores and updated them on the pages. Git squashed, which we learned about yesterday and submitted the PR to the bundler repo.

Added bundle help to the command line reference page and created a page for it. Changed the styling so it displays a link inline with the text rather than as a green button.

Watched and followed along to the Peepcode Rspec video.