Week 5 Day 24

What's Up Doc?

Jen's Friday

I worked on breaking apart the Rationale Page to create a FAQ page. I created a new Get Started page and I created a new Bug report page.

Joyce's Friday

Today I compared what commands are in the man pages and on the website’s command line reference page. The Bundler commands not listed on the website are bundle help and bundle list. bundle list does the same thing as bundle show. I added bundle help to the command line reference page.

I noticed the alignment for the button in the sidebar was off so I made it have even whitespace between the left and right side.

For the What’s New page, the 1.0 and 1.1 point release buttons link directly to the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the changelog.

Man Pages and Rake

I learned that the Bundler html man pages were generated with a Rubygem called Ronn. The html man pages get generated with this command in the bundler repo:

ronn --html man/bundle.ronn

However, a rakefile was created so if we run rake man, it goes and runs the above command. Then, moves the generated html man pages in the bundler repo into the man directory in our bundler-site repo.

I noticed that the bundler-site repo doesn't have a man directory and wondered where the Bundler html man pages were being pulled from. I initially thought the Bundler website was being generated from the bundler-site repo, but with Andre's explanation, it actually is on the gh-pages branch in the bundler repo. We are actually making edits/changes on the bunder-site repo, which then goes to bundler repo on the gh-pages branch where the website is served from. The above steps and creation of the man pages are accomplished with code in the Rakefile where if we run rake release on the command line, it means the release task will run update_vendor, then build, then man, then release.

It is similar to how our rgsocbundler.github.io website is setup, except it is only on one repo. The website gets edited on the source branch and then rake publish to go live on the master branch.

How we are allowed to host a website on github.