Week 5 Day 22

Haml Haml


We learned about Haml because the Bundler website uses Haml. It can be used instead of ERB and can be converted from an ERB template to Haml. With less syntax, Haml is easier to read and looks clean, some people say it reads like a Haiku.

The sidebar was organized and filled with links, which hopefully, makes the website easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. The styling of the sidebar was made to match the current look of the website.

We had a lot of ideas about changes to the Bundler website to make it better. So, we started with making some changes to the homepage and created a Get Started page.

We added each other's remote repo to our local repo. That way we can better preview the changes each of us made. (For beginners, don't include the angled brackets)

git remote add <your_nickname> <the_remote_url_link>

To pull down the remote repo to our local repo. We used the same command, but with the nickname

git fetch <your_nickname>

git merge <your_nickname/the_branch_name>

Accidentally added the remote to the wrong repo. To remove a remote repo,

git remote rm <your_nickname>