Week 5 Day 21

Bundler Site

The Hub

Today Team Bundler worked in Downtown L.A. at the Hub with the whole G5 crew including Jessicard who is visiting from San Francisco. We worked on the documentation for the Bundler website.

Bundler Site

Jen worked on organizing the content and all the links for the new side bar. We are ready to get rolling and start making changes. Soon we hope it will be much better. There is so much information already there it just needs some organizing.

Each section will have its own page, Jen found some great information that was buried. The side bar alone will really help make it easier to get around.

We looked to improve the documentation for Bundler. Before our trip to the Distill Conference, we had analyzed the website to see what can be better organized and be more user friendly. We browsed through the issues created for the bunder site. The first issue we focused on was making a sidebar for the website. It got confusing between all the syntax; Markdown, Haml, SASS, CSS, and ERB. We got a skeleton of a navigation sidebar on the right side of the page locally and started a pull request for the first piece in creating the sidebar!

No jOBs :(

After working we all went to try to see the premier of the Steve Jobs movie. We all had printed out our tickets and signed up on the website. We thought all we had to do was stand in line and we'd see it. Little did we know that there was a good chance we wouldn't get in. We stood on the sidewalk collecting friends, Ashley, Anna, Chris, Jessica Suttles, Jessicard, and Shane Becker. After 2 hour of the line slowly surge towards the red carpet we realized that we were 20 people away from getting in. Boo.

Bundler Screenshot