Week 4 Day 16


Today we started working on improving the documentation on the Bundler website. We all agree that the site needs better navigation.

Jen's Tuesday

I went through every page of the Bundler site testing buttons, links and identifing problems with the structuring of the information. I found a 404 error buried in the site. My notes. I also fixed the slide presentation for our possible talk at Distill tomorrow. I really hope that happens.

Joyce' Tuesday

I went through the google analytics of the Bundler site and gave recommendations and suggestion based on my findings. Looks like the first button people click on is Learn More: Gemfile I wonder if others did the same. I initially browsed right past Would you like to: Get started, Report a bug, See what's new, Read documentation.


We are both really excited for our first Ruby Conference in San Francisco tomorrow at Distill. We get to watch Jessic give her talk and a bunch of other really interesting speakers. We also get to meet our mentor Andre in person. Oh yeah, Andre is going to send us/ bring us? Bundler shirts!