Week 3 Day 11

Namespace n Rspec

What We Did

We fixed our gem to have namespace in the lib/loremz/cli.rb. Namespace is where the class CLI is encapsulated by module Loremz. The syntax for namespacing is Loremz::CLI

module Loremz
  class CLI < Thor
    #your methods

That way our lib/loremz/cli.rb file matches with the lib/loremz.rb

Why do we want our lib/loremz/cli.rb and lib/loremz.rb file to match?

The lib/loremz/cli.rb file is just for handling what comes in the command line. While the content would be stored in the lib/loremz.rb

We use lib/loremz/cli.rb to call lib/loremz.rb

Today we also worked on writing RSpec tests for the gem we created.

What We Learned from our Boo Boos?

Joyce's ipsum command didn't work because the require "loremz" in lib/loremz/cli.rb was left out. We need to include it to load the file lib/loremz.rb