Week 3 Day 12

Due Diligence - Bundle Gem & Thor CLI

What We Did

  • More Thor. We created our cheatsheets for Creating a Gem and Using Thor to Add CLI. We fixed the Thor files so it actually prints Lorem Ipsum instead of the Thor hello name message from the tutorial.

  • We found out that we get to attend the Distill Conference next week. This is perfect because Jessica will be speaking there and we will get to meet our mentor Andre in person. We are gearing up to give a lightning talk on Creating a Gem & Using Thor to Add CLI.

  • Joyce played Vim Adventures and played with options and flags in our Thor files.

  • Read about binstubs.

  • Today we worked at The Farmhouse and got to have lunch with Shane. It is so pleasant working here with Civ the dog wandering around and the 100 year old Avocado tree in the back yard.

Resources We Used

What We Learned from our Boo Boo’s?

Jen's advice about your .bashrc - Do not name a shortcut named "gem" in your bashfile or any other keyword that would be used in the commandline. It will take hours off your life. ;)