Week 2 Day 5

First Pull Request to Bundler!!!

What We Did

  • Reviewed how to make changes by branching and making pull requests
  • Troubleshooted what happened when files seemed to disappear, or why we couldn’t push our files.
  • Setup Bundler for development
  • Wrote documentation on How to Setup Bundler for Development
  • Submitted a Pull Request for our documentation on How to Setup Bundler for development
  • Received comments from Bundler core team
  • Made updates to the documentation and resubmitted with the updates

What We Learned from our Boo Boo’s?

  • We learned if you are going to create new branches, make sure you are on the master branch! Or else, you will end up creating branches within another branch.
  • Make sure your remote is pulling upstream from the github repo you forked not from your own github repo.
  • The command to show the remotes

    git remote -v

  • Merge conflict - have to update our local repository to have the same content as the remote repository on github.com. Use git fetch and git merge OR git pull